Grace and Fortitude

A bold claim you may think but I am constantly amazed by the grace and fortitude not just of women in this millennium but in days gone by. And anyway I love the phrase ‘grace and fortitude’ and felt compelled to use it for some reason, maybe just because it remained me of my Gran. I can remember her saying statements along the lines of ‘oh yes, she had grace AND fortitude’. I was too young to ask who she was referring to or indeed know what she really meant, but I always loved the sound of the phrase and the importance that she put to the words. A kind of pride. I never heard her use the phrase when referring to a man!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many great men of today and the past too. But this blog is about celebrating women in whatever field, the first to do something such as fly or take leaps into the world of health and science. And whilst I do think that there is a need to particularly recognise inspirational women of today, of this century, it is also important to not forget those of the past who set the foundations.

Why? Well, I suppose I get a general sense that many think the ‘fighting’ for equal rights is now done and dusted. But I think we are still far from it, and not anywhere near it taking the whole world into consideration. So I think it is good and important to continue giving tribute to those inspirational women of today, who are still leading the way with grace and fortitude in our complicated web of life on this earth.

I will soon be posting some of my favourites and hope you will agree that they are not only inspirational but are also women of grace and fortitude! For starters, please enjoy and be inspired by this wonderful video put together by a lady called Grace – honestly! Grace Heart, what a wonderful name!